Space-saving automatic water trap (knob) black-rectangular overflow

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Product description

The siphon is an essential accessory for the proper functioning of the sink. Its main task is to allow water to flow away from the trap into the sewage system, however, it may have additional functions. The BLACK ART single compartment automatic siphon with a rectangular anti-overflow system is distinguished by:

  • convenient button for closing/opening the drain in black
  • a modern, rectangular anti-overflow system
  • wall-mounted design that saves a lot of space under the worktop surface
  • additional outlet for connecting a washing machine or dishwasher to the sewerage system
  • elegant strainer to match Primagran black faucets and accessories
  • special shape of the outlet pipe which protects against unpleasant smells

The BLACK ART automatic siphon fits all Primagran single bowl sink models with rectangular overflow. Its wall-mounted design allows for more space under the worktop, giving you room for waste sorters or kitchen accessories. The BLACK ART automatic siphon is made of durable plastic, which does not require additional care or maintenance.

The siphon drain has a diameter of 3.5 inches and is covered by a stainless steel strainer in black to coordinate perfectly with black accessories or the kitchen faucet. The strainer prevents larger food particles from clogging the trap. It is also worth noting that the special construction of the BLACK ART single compartment siphon prevents unpleasant odours from escaping from the sewer. A practical addition is the second outlet, which makes it possible to connect a washing machine or a dishwasher to the sewage system.

The single compartment automatic water trap is equipped with a rectangular anti-overflow system in black, which drains excess water from the sink and thus protects the kitchen from flooding. The set includes all components necessary for the installation of the siphon. The installation itself is not particularly complicated and our instructions will make it easier for you.

Do you have any doubts as to whether the BLACK ART automatic water trap will work in your kitchen? Write to us and we will help you choose!

Technical data
Drain:3 1/2
Trap :Automatic
Connection:Possibility to connect a washing machine or dishwasher
Overflow protection system:Rectangular
Number of bowls:Single bowl
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