Black sinks 

Black sinks

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Anyone who has decorated a kitchen knows how much time and energy it takes to get all the furnishings and décor just right. We pay a lot of attention to kitchen design because it is a special part of the house where so much of our daily life takes place. Black Primagran© sinks are an extremely popular choice, mainly because of their versatility and aesthetic design. Black is always a safe choice that goes with virtually any interior design.

A black countertop or inset sink is perfect for a kitchen with a raw industrial style, where dark colours intermingle with materials such as wood, raw bricks or architectural concrete. It will also work well in glamour style interiors, where black and white colours prevail. In order to create a colour-coordinated set, it is enough to match the sink with black mixers. We also recommend an unusual solution, which is the combination of a black sink with a contrasting kitchen mixer tap tap, for example, chrome or white.

The owners of kitchenettes or small kitchens most often choose single bowl sinks such as Riga, Oslo or Geneva because they do not take up much space. Valencia or Praga models have one bowl and a draining board, which makes it possible to comfortably dry large dishes. For larger kitchens, we recommend countertop and inset one-and-a-half-bowl and two-bowl sinks, including the Bergen model. The Monaco corner sink is an unusual solution that saves space.

Primagran© kitchen sinks are made of the best quality materials, so you don't have to worry about discolouration or ugly stains. They are also resistant to scratching and mechanical damage. The black sink can be matched with a soap dispenser, which comes in six colours. It's a very useful gadget to reduce the number of things standing on your worktop.

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