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Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your interest in Primagran's offer. We present high-quality granite kitchen sinks. Original design and durability are just some of the features that make our products increasingly popular. If you are not convinced yet whether it is worth buying a granite sink, in this short text we will try to convince you to do so.

The products we offer are primarily quality. High-class materials from which they are made make the sinks resistant to high temperature, scratches and dirt. The unique recipe, which consists of 80% granite aggregate and 20% high-quality dedicated resins, and the technological knowledge necessary for the production of granite products determine the high quality of our sinks, for which we proudly grant a 35-year warranty.

We offer you products in the six most popular colors: white, beige, gray, graphite, black and semi-matte black. The popularity of granite sinks in these colors is due to the fact that they blend in fantastically with most kitchen worktops, regardless of the material they are made of.

Below we present an example of the Ibiza model in the colors offered:

Ease of installation is another significant advantage of our products (see the video with assembly instructions) . For the sake of assembly, we distinguish between overlay, under-counter and counter-top (recessed) models. Currently, all models in our offer are countertop sinks - which means that for installation, it is enough to cut a hole in the kitchen countertop, in which to embed the sink. An important feature from the assembly point of view is the fact that each granite sink is reversible, which means that models with a drainer can be installed with the bowl on both the right and the left.

We offer granite sinks in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Single-chamber models, two-chamber models, with or without a drainer, rectangular and oval. Depending on the taste, needs or the size of the kitchen, everyone can choose something for themselves. For a corner cabinet, we recommend installing a large, practical Monaco sink or a small single-chamber Geneva sink - which fits perfectly into any type of kitchen.


  • Scratch resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • Resistant to dirt and discoloration
  • Impact resistance
  • Anti-fungal surface
  • Antibacterial surface (depending on the selected sink option)

Why else is it worth choosing a Primagran granite sink?

  • modern design and aesthetics of our sinks
  • reversible sinks - drainer on the right or left side
  • possibility to install a grinder, waste grinder
  • possibility of installing an automatic stopper or dispenser
  • a properly selected color of the sink will perfectly match the kitchen worktop
  • color-matched good quality kitchen faucets


Dear Customer, if you have any doubts, please contact us via:

We are at your disposal. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding purchases in our store.


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