Chopping Board Primagran® 55

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Dimensions: 555 x 305 x 20 mm

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

The current price is the lowest in 30 days.

    • Made of high quality wood

    • Suitable for Primagran sinks up to 550 mm wide

    • Universal design

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Product description

Chopping board for sink Primagran® 55

In modern kitchens we often look for compatible solutions that have as many applications as possible with the minimum waste of space. Primagran's cutting board for the sink is just such a solution! Thanks to it, even in small kitchen spaces, you can enlarge your worktop with a place on the sink. Choose the appropriate cutting board for your sink and enjoy it for many years.

Technical data
Dimensions:555 x 305 x 20 mm
Technical drawings
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